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The beautiful and quiet coast is right in front of you. The adjacent community garden, Leaf & Root, hosts live music and workshops. Enjoy a variety of activities that can only be found here.

In addition to barbecue, marine activities such as sea kayaking and snorkeling, workshops for practicing organic living, live music and cafes held in community gardens, a variety of activities are available, including healing treatments such as massages.

Please inquire at the time of booking if you have any requests.

For BBQ, we use an authentic WEBER charcoal grill. You can enjoy a relaxing BBQ while looking out at the sea.

If you can't have a BBQ due to strong winds or other bad weather, you can cook the food indoors using an electromagnetic pressure cooker, and while you're at it, you can switch to a natural water wood-burning bath experience. (Excluding summer)


Click here for the schedule of Community Garden Leaf & Root

Marine activities (diving center)
Nishikawana Ocean Park

​ (Note) Please note that marine activities are subject to weather conditions.


Emeraldia is right in front of the coast. And next to the community garden Leaf & Root.
You can enjoy a variety of activities such as sea activities and familiarity with nature and art.

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