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By car:

Tokyo Bay Aqua Line ⇒ Kisarazu JCT ⇒ Tateyama Expressway/Futtsu Tateyama Road ⇒ Tomiura IC ⇒ Prefectural Roads 250/257 ⇒ Emeraldia

By public transport:

JR Uchibo Line "Tateyama Station" ⇒ JR Bus Kanto (approx. 20 minutes) ⇒ Get off at Nishizaki or Mimomi Kaigan.


For express buses:

There are several direct buses a day from Tokyo Station's Yaesu Exit or Busta Shinjuku. This will take you directly to the nearest bus stop.

Take the Boso Nanohana train (departing from Tokyo Station or Busta Shinjuku)

Nanohana timetable (direct bus bound for Kyukamura-mae, get off at Nishizaki, which is one stop before Kyukamura)

Express bus reservation site

If you do not have a direct line to Kyukamura, please take a local bus from Tateyama Station (getting off at Nishi-Misaki or Mimino-kaigan) or take a taxi.


Local bus timetable from Tateyama

Saturday holiday


783-1 Kenbutsu, Tateyama-shi, Chiba, Japan  •  294-0305 千葉県館山市見物 783-1

+81 0470-29-2835

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